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Lela Johnson
Lela has watched the C&G transform from newspaper to magazine and has valued every second of it. Proud editor-in-chief of both the C&G and feminist magazine Aberrance Quarterly, you will almost always find Lela knee-deep in journalism. While she loves nothing more than to tackle heavy issues inside and outside our community, Lela’s most enjoyable journalistic experience has been grooming a group of extremely capable students to take the reins. Offering Lela Oreos or baby animal pictures is a fail proof way to earn a new best friend. You can also find her running off the Oreo calories at the river, watching Parks and Rec reruns, or storming the nearest Barnes & Noble. Lela looks forward to finishing off her time at the C&G by truly becoming the student voice of HI and can’t wait to see what the new staff members can do.

Lela Johnson, Print Editor-in-Chief

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The Student Voice of Holy Innocents' Episcopal School