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Who really works harder: athletes or artists?

Clara Forrestal, Design Editor

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When walking down the halls of HI, it is easy to see the diversity of the student body. There are bookworms, athletes, musicians, techies, artists, and the list goes on. The HI community offers endless clubs and teams, all opportunities for students to dedicate themselves to whatever they are passionate about. Although many groups exist, two main groups are distinguishable from the rest: athletics and arts. But what do the students really know about what other students are doing? To be more specific, who works harder: the athletes or the artists? Do the athletes really appreciate the artists’ efforts, or vice versa? You may be quick to answer. But before you do, consider all the effort and talent that go into the big game or opening night.

It is interesting to compare such activities as theater and athletics because they seem to be completely separate from each other. But we are one student body, and it is important for us to support both artists and athletes. The football team works hard spring and summer to prepare for their fall season. Students involved in the musical wake up early on Saturdays to spend hours at rehearsal. To answer this question, first we must define “working hard.” Does it mean time commitment? Mental strain? Physical exhaustion?

Because the two are so different, athletes and artists both work hard in very different ways. Junior Ben Rousseau is a member of the varsity wrestling team as well as a cast member in the upcoming fall musical. “Both acting and sports have their difficulty,” he explains. “Trying to memorize lines and music can be mentally straining and can leave your brain dead at the end of a long rehearsal.” The actors spend approximately 131.5 hours, excluding extra called practices, in preparation for the many performances. The hard work begins around Labor Day and goes non-stop until opening night. The time and dedication put into the final production is unmistakable.

Many of us know about the hard work of the student athletes. The early-morning cross country meets, the late-night basketball games, and the football team’s intense energy, even in the off-season, are all proof to that fact. The hard work of the athletes is apparent in entirely different ways than the actors. According to Rousseau, the mental strain from rehearsal cannot be compared to “the physical exhaustion you are left with after a difficult wrestling practice.”

Students at HI, no matter what extracurricular activities they participate in, work hard at what they do. We, as students, need to be more appreciative of the efforts of all types of people and keep in mind the time and work of our fellow students.

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The Student Voice of Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Who really works harder: athletes or artists?