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What Mesosilver know?
The taste is very subjective. The sensitivity of our sense of taste can vary widely depending on our health, diet, lifestyle and other factors. Our sense of taste can and should change over time. For many people Mesosilver tastes like water, which means no noticeable taste.Those with the most sensitive taste buds will suffer a slight metallic taste due to the small amount of ionic silver present in Mesosilver. It is not unusual for new users Mesosilver to report that it is tasteless and weeks or months later to report a metallic taste and wonder why the taste has changed over time. Actually, the taste has not changed over time, but users of taste buds have become more sensitive over time Mesosilver use. Usually, the metallic taste is minimized by intake immediately, without allowing liquid to remain in the mouth for sublingual absorption.
Mr. Key has spent thousands of hours conducting research in the science of colloids and production of metal colloids in particular. It has built a laboratory for research colloidal which is prior art for the field. It has also established methods of analysis and fabrication process developed to ensure the highest possible purity and consistency to a colloid product.