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GC® can help improve the body's ability to maintain the uric acid crystallization, increases the removal of blood stream to convey outside the body through the urinary excretion system, while boosting the capacity of the digestive system purines process and dispose of excess production, before the storage point. This combination is critical to your success, and often the missing link for those who have dieted alone without success. Delaying the production of uric acid, while a crucial component is only half the battle. You must activate the body's systems to cope with this natural substance in a healthy way. Our blend of herbs provides this essential communication.
I live with gouty arthritis and pain all the time, in all my joints. My uric acid level is very high. Does the Goutcare lower my level of uric acid?
While the level of liquid uric acid can not decrease immediately, the crystals in the joints dissolve, releasing pain. Its count would be many times higher in the blood that is during an attack, if not crystallized uric acid in the joints. The crystallized uric acid does not occur in the count because it is not in a liquid state in its blood supply. The more it crystallizes, the lower the level becomes, and of course, the more it crystallizes, the greater the pain they have to live. Our herbal mixtures certainly can rid the body of excess uric acid and prevent crystallization. In 85% of cases, blood levels decrease pain and crystallized from uric acid is gone.