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Greatness; we are not after fame. Fame is not the measure of greatness, but a byproduct of being good at something and be recognized for it. Or, in some cases, simply it means a reputation as popular without good reason and without merit. Nor is the focus of being legendary. Within each of us has its own meaning. Whatever the meaning that can be, you have to identify it. This is our purpose. It's bigger than anything else in our lives, which pushes us to be higher in all other areas of our lives. It is our purpose, our mission, our passion. It is our great escape. Not only we are not here to be average and create a normal existence, but we have a dislike of bite to it. We do not like mediocrity so passionately that we do everything within our control to ensure that all areas of our lives do not fall into that category. Nobody is going to call a common man, a mediocre father, a worker 'ok' or a 'solid' lover. We will have nothing of it. Which brings me to my mission.