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Taking on the World One Continent at a Time

A look into the interesting life and travels of our very own sophomore, Libby Bulley.

Sarah Schmidt, Staff Writer

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When you walk through the halls of HIES, do you know everyone’s name? Can you go further and associate a story about his or her true self? Truth is, there’s a lot more to the humans of HIES than we think. As we dive deep into the backgrounds of our fellow peers, we discover some interesting facts that we never would have known by just one glance. Our very own sophomore, Libby Bulley, is new to the HIES community this year.

Bulley, born in Sydney, Australia moved to Singapore when she was just eight years old. Then, at age eleven, she moved to Shanghai, China. Four years later, Bully joined the HIES the community with her move to Atlanta, Ga.

While attending school in Shanghai, Libby Bully was able to make the trek up the Great Wall of China on a class trip.

While attending school in Shanghai, Libby Bulley was able to make the trek up the Great Wall of China on a class trip.

Most hardly know what it would be like to live in a different state; let alone a new country across the world. While Bulley discusses her exciting, yet chaotic journey being a part of a family who has moved around their entire life, she explains, “the culture and the way people live is so different in China and Australia than it is in America.”

For example, in China everyone had drivers because it wasn’t common to drive yourself around, whereas here in America, it is clear that the majority of citizens tend to drive themselves beginning when they are just sixteen years old. Because half of our lives in America are spent in cars or some type of mode of transportation, transitioning into this lifestyle is a major change for Bulley. Along with that, living in the US puts her that much further away from her family in Australia, which has also been difficult for her.

A view of Shanghai Libby Bully captured while living there from age 11 to 15 years old.

A view of Shanghai Libby Bulley captured while living there from age 11 to 15 years old.


When Bulley first discovered she was moving to America, she experienced so many different emotions. “I was really upset at first. I found out before any of my siblings and it was really sad but I was also excited because it was somewhere I’d never lived before or visited.”

Some of Libby’s favorite things about Australia include being around her family and the beaches. She was close in proximity to her relatives, making it easier to keep in touch. Also, the beautiful beaches of Australia were right outside her backdoor.

In Shanghai, Bulley remarks, “I miss how much there is to do and the excitement of the city.” Of course, Atlanta is a large metropolitan city, but it differs from the city life of Shanghai. Bulley will never forget the loud noises of the people on the streets and the beaming lights overlooking the entire city

It’s so much further away from Australia where my family is so it’s a lot harder.”

— Libby Bulley

Along with the transition of moving continents, Bully had to deal with the major transition of moving schools as well. The school she attended in Shanghai was British, making the curriculum and structure extremely different. For example, at her old school, students would take a two year course working up to one final exam, instead of HI’s one year course schedule with two cumulative exams throughout the year. This difference was one of the major downfalls of Bully’s move because she was in the middle of her two year course when she moved to Georgia having just completed her “year 10” as it is known in Shanghai.  As a result, her academic transcript started from the ground up when she moved to America.

“Although it was a hard transition and I miss everything about Australia and China, I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world and experience all the different cultures it has to offer.” 


One of Bully’s favorite travel locations, Gold Coast Australia.


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The Student Voice of Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Taking on the World One Continent at a Time